Mike, is a man that is passionate about my friends & family, action sports, and helping people remember who they really are. He lives his life moment to moment going with the flow of life, enjoing the view, and not takeing life so seriously.


Holly is a well-known yoga instructor along the Wasatch front and has instructed yoga in places such as BYU, UVSC, Novell, Neways, and It’s Yoga studio. After experiencing much of what the world has to offer, Holly is taking her experiences and passion for life to others


With a degree from BYU in exercise science he has been sharing his love for fitness by assisting his clients and friends in reaching their fitness goals.  The driving force behind Joe is being able to see the joy that fitness brings into peoples lives as it allows them to be physically able to do the activities they love and to see them accomplish things they never thought possible.  Joe’s fitness philosophy is all about empowering you to be your best self. 


Inspiration RX was born from the desire to inspire under privileged youth and to boost the moral of wounded veterans and their families. The demonstrations, the sponsorships, and our media opportunities all create a foundation for us to make a difference in our community. This is the core of what inspiration RX is about and what motivates us to be the most unique aerial demonstration team in the country. 

Tandem Utah offers paragliding experiences at The Point of the Mountain, Squaw peak overlook in Orem, and other mountain sights along the Wasatch front. We make Tandem paragliding available to all age groups, and we can accommodate a weight range from 75 – 250 lbs. Yes even you can enjoy our tandem paragliding experience.
Utah based skydive demonstration team that conducts demonstrations all over the USA. We are focused on creating memorable skydive demonstrations that will captivate your audience and raise the profile of your Utah based event.